How to Register Mobile Number with Canara Bank?

To update or register mobile number with Canara Bank account you have to visit your home branch. There is no procedure to update it online.
Steps to Register Mobile Number with Canara Bank Account
  • Go to your Home Branch where you had opened and maintain your bank account.
  • Tell the bank officials that you want to update your mobile number details.
  • Get a Mobile Number updation form or write a letter to the branch manager requesting the same.
  • Enter your account number, new mobile number, old mobile number etc.
  • Check if all the details you have entered is correct.
  • Make your signature on the form or letter to make it valid.
  • And finally, submit it to the bank officials.
If the Bank officials fail to provide the mobile number updation form then you can write a letter to the branch manager requesting him or her to change or update your mobile number in the bank records.

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  • I am visiting to the branch in Shimoga (SM circle) which is the bank where my account is opened. I am submit that form to link my mobile number in earlier days but they didn’t link my mobile number please help me to link my number to my account