How to Register Email Address with Canara Bank Account?

If you want to use the Internet Banking facility of the Canara Bank then you must have registered or updated the Email address with you bank account.

The procedure to update the email address with the bank account is mentioned below. You have to write an application letter addressing to the bank manager to do this.

Steps to Register Email Address with Canara Bank Account:
  • Write an application to the bank manager of your home branch.
  • The subject should be ‘Registration of Email Address’.
  • Mention your name, account number, email address.
  • Also, mention the purpose why you want to register or update it. (to use internet banking or as such)
  • Finally, make your signature on the application form and submit it to the bank.
While you submit the application form to the bank they might ask you to show your identity proof document. So we recommend you to carry your Aadhaar card or PAN Card with you.

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