How to Get Customer ID in IDFC Bank?

If you want to use the internet banking service of the IDFC Bank then you will have to create a username and password. But when you try to do that the system will ask you to enter one thing and that is the IDFC Bank Customer ID. But from where can you get the Customer ID?

It is very simple and I will assure you that you will find it quickly after reading the steps mentioned below. Before we start you should know one thing and that is this Customer ID and UCIC is one and the same in IDFC Bank.

Steps to Get Customer ID in IDFC Bank:
  • Open your IDFC Bank welcome kit which you got from the bank.
  • Take out the info card that you have in the welcome kit.
  • Look for the Customer ID in that info card you will get it.
It was that simple to find the Customer ID of IDFC Bank. If you don’t have your welcome kit with you currently then you can still get the ID. All you have to do is call the customer care of the bank and talk to them, They will help you out.

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